City of St. Gabriel Permits, Inspections and Plan Review Division, is dedicated to providing our construction and development customers with state-of-the-art permit management, plan review, and inspection services to promote public safety. Our division is responsible for performing plan reviews, issuing, maintaining and tracking permits issued for all new construction, alterations, additions, repairs, and demolitions, along with inspecting all building projects to assure compliance with building codes and ordinances.


The St. Gabriel Planning and Zoning Commission is a five-member public body appointed by the mayor.

The zoning commission primarily acts in an advisory capacity and makes recommendations to the city council. The commission is the advising body for establishing land use policies and is charged with holding public hearings on land use applications and making recommendations to the City Council on rezoning requests, special permit uses, home occupations and zoning code amendments. The commission ensures that the developments proposed complies with the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, and other City Codes of Ordinances.

Planning Commission reviews proposed development within the city and have authority for final decisions for the planning matters. The Planning Commission holds a public hearing on the proposed development and votes to approve, conditionally approve or deny the development.The commission studies issues, oversees the preparation of plans and ordinances, and reviews and advises on development proposals. Plats proposed must be in compliance with drainage, transportation, zoning, utilities, etc.Planning Commission collects data and keeps itself informed as to the best practices generally in effect in the matter city planning. The commission ensures that the developments proposed complies with the Comprehensive Master Plan, Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, and other City Codes of Ordinances.